There is probably not one subject which is so ill understood, which so many people pretend to know, and on which so many are prepared to express an opinion, as the subject of’ Astrology. The Indian proverb truly says that there is no man who is not a bit of a physician and an astrologer; and it is equally true that there is no subject which is so ill understood as these two. The fact is that the broad medical and astrological principles are so many that everybody of necessity learns a few of these, but experiences a difficulty in mastering all of them. Nothing can be more funny than to find young men especially, taking up astrology as their first subject of attack in their public utterances. It is a subject to which they pay little or no attention except for purposes of ridicule. To all your questions, how do you prove this statement and how do you prove that: their one ready reply is that their common sense tells them so. They forget that common sense is a sense which changes in its nature as one advances in his study, and it changes so much that the common sense of one age is different from the common sense of another age, the common sense of our nation or of one individual is different from the common sense of another nation or individual.


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Aryan Misc Astrology -The Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira - N Chidambaram Iyer 18