Public interest in the Runes has been increasing continuously over the past few years. However, many persons who became seriously interested in the ancient art of harnessing cosmic energies from the realms of the Runes must soon realize that scarcely anything tangible was known in the English speaking world. This unfortunate situation was well reflected on the shelves of metaphysical bookstores. Until quite recently, there was virtually no book available where the serious student could find any information about the esoteric aspects of Runes let alone practical suggestions on how to harness the incredible powers that come forth from the realms of the Runes. The intriguing potential of a Runic alchemy emerge naturally from correlations between the world crystal, the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes, and the periodic system of elements. As you can see in the diagram, the first period contains two elements, the second period contains eight, and the third period contains again eight elements, The total of the first three periods is eighteen, The fourth and fifth periods contain eighteen elements each.


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