In sending out this essay, I must ask for indulgence. In the first place, because this is, so far as known to me, the only attempt to set out, from an architect's point of view, the basis of certain ideas common in the architecture of many lands and religions, the purposes behind structure and form which may be called the esoteric principles of architecture. And secondly, for an attempt to deal with a subject that could only be rightly handled by one having the equipments of a wide scholarship ; while I can only claim that there should come of regular apprenticeship and long
practice in any craft or art, a certain instinct of insight not possessed by mere outsiders though never so learned. The author who asks the question quoted on the title-page, says that Mr. Herbert Spences essay on the origin of the styles of architecture fails because he was not himself an architect, and no architect had prepared the way. I refer to this in the hope that writing thus, on my own art, may be sufficient excuse for any appearance of affectation and presumption in understanding ancient architecture.


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Architecture Mysticism And Myth 1892