The materials forming the bulk of this volume are chiefly derived from the examination of sepulchral remains : but, though necessarily limited, these remains are, in many respects, of the highest value and importance to the Archeologist : they comprise the weapons, utensils, and personal ornaments, of different races who once occupied Britain, from the earliest dawn of our history down to the middle of the eighth century, when the Pagan mode of sepulture was finally abandoned in Britain. The antiquities of three important stages of our history are here brought together, and an attempt is made to classify them, a task difficult only where the objects appear to belong to Transition periods, as in the late Roman and early or Pagan -Saxon, and some few relics of a probably Romano-Celtic origin. How much such a work has been needed will be seen by reference to many volumes of very imposing size, and great pretensions, where Celtic, Roman and Anglo-Saxon objects are confounded with each other, in a manner calculated in every way to embarrass and perplex the Archaeological student.


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Archaelogical Antiquities ofCeltic, Romano-British, & Anglo-Saxon Periods