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Apollonius of Tyana, the philosopher-reformer of the first century,A.D.; a critical study of the only existing record of his life, with some account of the war of opinion concerning him, and an introduction on the religious associations and brotherhoods of the times. The life and endeavours of Apollonius which would be illumi nated by this knowledge, we could understand why so little effort has been spent in this direction ; for the character of the Tyanean, as we shall see, has since the fourth century been regarded with little favour even by the few, while the many have been taught to look upon our philosopher not only as a charlatan, but even as an anti-Christ. But when it is just a knowledge of these religious associations and orders which would throw a flood of light on the earliest evolution of Christianity, not only with regard to the Pauline communities, but also with regard to those schools which were subsequently condemned as heretical, it is astonishing that we have had no more satisfactory work done on the subject.


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