We hereby dedicate this exquisite compendium to the ascent of sorcerers in future generations. When we who live now transition into the astral plane, may this specialized knowledge remain behind to help the rise of our descendants. May it stand as a bullet point on the historical timeline of magick. This collaborative grimoire features the genius of 45 international authors in 195,000 words. Its main premise transcends ethnicity, race, and sex, and unites everyone together for a common human mission: magick ascent. It has taken great courage for every single author to certify their name on this black magickal grimoire. Tragically, we still live in a dangerous time where free individual sorcerers suffer hostility from obsolete occult hierarchy. They endured the slings and arrows of petty slander for sake of their dedication. Every magician who has inked their handprint onto the soul of this Book of Shadows has seen the future and revealed what it foretells: our twilight precedes daybreak; our midnight births a morning. Magick has always been a technology of the future that harnesses the power of the past. Thus, it qualifies as eternal because it bypasses the dimensions of time and space. Presumably, the field that we quaintly call magick will become a veritable branch of physics, while engineers interface the astral and physical planes. In my humble opinion as the editor of this compendium, the knowledge found herein exemplifies the very greatest that autodidactic human magicians could muster at this period of time.


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Anthology of Sorcery