She is the ultimate unified sakti, the paramesvari, tripura, the very self of brahma, vishnu and maheswara, the being who is jnana sakti, kriya sakti and iccha sakti. - vamakesvara tantra 4.10.11
Tantra tradition classifies worship as internal (antaryaga) and external (bahiryaga). External worship is only a stepping stone, a preliminary procedure; a means and not an end. One must go beyond that in due course. With or without props (sadhara or niradhara) bahiryaga is in two ways. Sadhara way of antaryaga initially takes the help of certain extraneous images, or gestures, or sounds. The motif is to evolve into niradhara antaryaga, and in progression the sadhaka gradually sheds all symbolism that was motivating and supporting him in worship. In intense contemplation and visualization sadhaka dissolves his mind and transcends into deeper experience of super consciousness. Such transformation is termed bhavana, a mental process that transforms an idea into reality. In an extended sense it means contemplation or meditation, comprehending the abstract as real and tangible.


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