The origin of the Religious Worship of the Hindus is lost in remote antiquity. For many ages anterior to the time of Menu, their first Lawgiver, all that has been handed down to us by oral tradition seems to confirm the hypothesis, that they were worshippers of one God only, whom they designated Bruhm Atma, " the Breathing Soul :/ a spiritual Supreme Being, coeval with the formation of the world, without end, everlasting, permeating all space, the beneficent disposer of events. The worship of the Hindus at this period was probably simple, and their ceremonies few. In process of time, however, the date of which cannot be correctly determined, they appear to have adopted a material type of emblem of Bruhm: a rude block of stone began to be set up: this was the Phallus, or, as they termed it, the LINGA. This emblem had reference to the procreative Power seen throughout nature, and in that primaevalage was regarded with the greatest awe and veneration. To the influence of this image was attributed the fructifying warmth which brought to perfection the fruits of the earth and contributed to the reproduction both of man, animals, and everything that has life.


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Annotations on the Sacred Writings of the Hindus - E Sellon 1902