Books, on Magick, Sorcery and Witchcraft were brought to this Country by the early Settlers. These were studied, and their Contents enlarged upon according to the Powers of the Imagination of those who were ambitious to appear wiser than their Neighbours. So much Prominence has been given to what is called the Salem Witchcraft, that what had occurred in the Country before and since 1692 is, and has been, overlooked or almost entirely lost fight of. It will be seen by the following Work that it was a Part of the social Life of the People, and to them of the greatest Importance through all the earlier Periods of their History from the Promulgation of their Laws to the year 1700. It cannot but be acknowledged that those in Authority at that Day were men "fearing God, "conscientious to the last Degree, and therefore felt themselves compelled to obey the solemn Injunction "not to suffer a Witch to live." Their Consciences would allow them no Alternative but to obey that Command; not entirely upon the Evidence of their own Senses but always with the Decision of twelve of the best Citizens of the Community where the Cases occurred.


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Annals of Witchcraft in New England - Samuel G Drake