The chaos magical approach is of the violate. This approach is even subject to it’s own nature. According to Liber CHRNZN, to achieve the ecstasy of heaven one should violate the violate. One of the advantages of the chaos magical standpoint lies in it’s paradigm shifting. Please note now that this perspective is a paradigm in and of itself (other perspectives are possible of course). The current view expressed is to be viewed as the commonly accepted filter for interpretation. How this shifting is viewed is up to the personal magicians tastes, but I have found that ‘Chaos Magick’ concerns itself with something which underlies all of the filters of existence. In chaos, all is possible, including nothing. Apparent duality’s can be split-up and torn apart, fractalized meshed and fused together in myriad ways. Much in the same way matter/ antimatter reactions give rise to huge amounts of liberated energy, this way can liberate enormous amounts of belief. Duality can be expressed as the equation 0=2 or the nominal “truth” of duality manifesting from Nothing. We shall explore this concept which permeates human existence, much in the same way which one sees oneself as standing between two mirrors. It gets more clear as you look slightly askew and can see reflections bending to infinity hyperbolically. Who is the Holy Guardian Angel?


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Angels of Chaos - Frater Elijah