Angel Magic is the ancient art of summoning and communicating with Angelic beings. Belief in Angel Magic is as old the belief in Angels. Throughout history, "sages have claimed to have the power to call Angels down from heaven or fallen Angels up from hell - for the purpose of learning their secrets and using their supernatural powers. This chapter discusses the nature of Angels and the basic principles of Angel Magic, through which saints and sorcerers have sought supreme enlightenment. The modern world has rediscovered Angels. Glutted with the run-away materialism and greed of the 1980s, people are beginning to turn to personal growth and spiritual development. This evolution in human thought is expressing itself in a renewed interest in Angels, those mysterious semi-divine beings who figure so greatly in folk tales and religious writing throughout the world. This fascination with Angels is not a cult phenomenon. It has a wide base of interest. A recent survey by Time magazine revealed that fully sixty-nine percent of Americans believe in the existence of Angels. Along with this renewed interest comes a number of questions. People may believe in Angels, but they're uncertain as to their nature and purpose. In the past, most people would have looked to priests and pastors for the answer to these questions. Today, people aren't so sure that the established church has the answers.


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Angel Magic - Geoffrey James