Unpublised Irish songs and many new ones, over 100. I spent all my early life in a part of the country where music and dancing were favourite amusements ; and as I loved the graceful music of the people from my childhood, their songs, dance tunes, keens, and lullabies remained on my memory, almost without any effort of my own. I had indeed excellent opportunities ; for my father's memory was richly stored with popular airs and songs ; and I believe he never sang or played a tune that I did not learn. Afterwards, when I came to reside in Dublin, and became acquainted with the various published collections of Irish music, I was surprised to find that a great number of my tunes were unpublished, and quite unknown outside the district or province in which they had been learned. This discovery stimulated me to write down all the airs I could recollect ; and when my own memory was exhausted, I went among the peasantry during vacations, for several successive years, noting down whatever I thought worthy ofpreserving, both music and words.


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Ancient Irish Music - P W Joyce 1873