In presenting this collection of Ancient Frag-ments to the world, some explanation of what is comprehended under that title is not altogether unnecessary. We are accustomed to regard the Hebrew scriptures, and the Greek and Latin writings, as the only certain records of antiquity : yet there have been other languages, in which have been written the annals and the histories of other countries. Where then are those of Assyria and Babylon, of Persia and Egypt and Phoenicia, of Tyre and Carthage ? Of the literature of all these mighty empires where are even the remains ? It will, no doubt, tend to excite some reflections of a melancholy cast, to look on this small volume as an answer. That they are all contained in it, I should be unwilling to assert : yet, with some diligence and research, I have not been able to dis cover other fragments, which I could consider sufficiently authenticated, to increase its size. Isaac Preston Cory (1802–1842) was an antiquarian who compiled ancient fragments and published them in a compendium called Cory's Ancient Fragments (1826, revised 1832).


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Ancient Fragments - I P Cory