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The nations of the upper Orinoco, the Atabapo, and the Imrida, as Humboldt records, have no worship other than that of the powers of Nature: they call the good principle Cachimana; it is the Manito, the Great Spirit, that regulates the seasons and favors the harvests In Cayenne there is the similar evidence of the Jesuits Grillet and Bechamel  "The Xouragues and the Acoquas,in Matters of Relgion, are the same with the Galibis. They acknowledge there is a God, but do not worship him. They say he dwells in Heaven, without knowing whether he is a Spirit or no, but rather seem to believe he has a body . . . The Nouragues and the Acoquas call him Maire, and never talk of him but in fabulous stories."


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