Demonical possessions are so frequently mentioned in the gospel ; and make so considerable a part of it; and the miracles wrought with regard to them are so many, and so signal ; and constitute so large a proportion in the evidence of scripture-miracles ; that it is of great importance to the cause of Christianity, to as certain the nature, both of the one, and the other; and to determine the controversy concerning them with precision. The question is, whether these possessions were real, or imaginary? And whether the miracles, wrought with regard to them, were real disposessions of evil spirits out ofthe bodies of men? or were performed for the cure of some natural distempers, under that notion; in conformity with which, and the vulgar language concerning them, the distempers, and the cure of them, are described, as possessions, and dispossessions?


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An Impartial Enquiry Into The Case Of The Gospel Demoniacks 1777