The following pages were in substance composed to be read before the Plymouth Lyceum, in 1829. When it was understood that Rev. Charles W. Upham was about to favor the public with a work on the same subject, it was determined that this little performance should be suppressed. The Rev. Author observed in a letter, that although we may traverse the same field, it is highly probable that we pursue different tracks. The subject is so various, ample and abundant in instruction, that good rather than evil would result from the application of more than one mind to its discussion. Since therefore, in tlie deeply interesting work referred tn, the learned author has not particularly discussed the subjects of Ghosts, Apparitions, Mental Illusions, etc, there may be no impropriety in submitting the following imperfect production to the public, with the hope that it will not be considered as altogether superfluous.  Plymouth 1831


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An Essay on Demonology, Ghosts and Apparitions - James Thacher