Where in Astrology is plainly laid down some very excellent Rules of Art Experimentally amplified, easy to be understood by the meanest capacity, and certainly will be of much advantage, not only to those who are well versed in this most sublime Science; but to most others that are desirous to be instructed therein: and for the better understanding I have here showed you whether the Figure at the time of the question is Radical or not: that you may not deceive your selves nor the querent: but certainly direct him how to find the Thief or goods stolen, &c. and not out of the querent’s house, but he judgeth it stolen because theft is so much practiced by servants, &c. Therefore I have demonstrated to thy view, whether it be stolen or remain in the house (if so) in what part thereof it may probably be found. But if the goods are stolen, I have showed thee the best Rules how to describe the Thief or thieves, which way they live, strangers or familiars,


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An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft