The motive which originally induced me to enter on the inquiries contained in the following work was the desire to elucidate, through the mythology of the ancient Egyptians, the relations of that people to other branches of the human family. The arts and the literature of Egypt appear to have been the produce of the country and its peculiar possession : they display no indications of foreign
origin and improvement. The language and the physical characters of the people are likewise pecu-
liar and strongly distinguished from those belonging to other races of men. Even many parts of the
Egyptian mythology, like the poetical fictions of the Greeks and the Hindoos, bore an evident rela-
tion to the local features and physical conditions of the region where they were invented. These andother similar considerations have led many writersof late times to adopt the opinion that the Egyptians were a distinct human race, wholly separate in origin from the rest of mankind.


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An Analysis of the Egyptian Mythology - J C Prichard 1838