The text that follows is an adaptation, by the author Blue Eagle, of the audio recordings from
his courses on The First Nations Approach to the Use of Crystals in Therapy. The teachings have, until quite recently, always been passed on by word of mouth, in line with the didactic tradition par- ticular to the First Nations of the Cherokee and Apache tribes.

The traditions of First Nations call upon the synchronisation of the two hemispheres of the brain (a concept also known as self-focusing or centering), in order to achieve a full and complete understanding of the teachings. Two pedagogical techniques, amongst others, help this
synchronisation: the ritual and ceremonial context, and the repetition of the teachings. With the oral teaching, in the courses given by Blue Eagle, each day starts with an opening ceremony - a time for prayer and silence - where invocation of the spirits and purification of theplace are the prelude to a welcoming chant, which everyone sings together. This acts as a greeting for the participants and allows them to focus themselves. The author advises all his pupils to attend more than one session because, by its very nature, oral teaching is never exactly the same on each occasion. By hearing the same information in a different context, one can grasp it as a whole, thus encouraging a more comprehensive and holistic understanding.

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American Indian Secrets of Healing with Crystals