Though Amentet was not the Olympus of the Egyptian gods, nor in any sense identical with the Sekhet-hetepet or Elysian Fields of Egyptian mythology, the use of the name is justifiable in the present work, inasmuch as most of the gods resided in Amentet, and it was during the journey of the deceased through that region that he came in contact with the gods, and invoked the powers of the amulets with which they were so closely connected. It was in one of the Aats or divisions of Amentet, namely, Amentet Nefert—"Beautiful Amentet"—that the gods lived upon cakes and ale ; and the Book of the Dead, which treats of the journey of the deceased through Amentet, teams with information about the chief gods, or most of them, for the Theban deities are conspicuous by their
The object of this work is an entirely practical one, namely, to supply collectors of Egyptian antiquities, as well as such readers of Egyptian history and archaeology as may have little time for learned research, with a compendium of the known facts about the Gods and Amulets of Egypt, treated with sufficient fulness and picturesqueness to make the subject interesting and the book serviceable. The author has not sought to establish or ventilate new theories, nor to challenge or champion old ones ; and the work is entirely free from occult speculations. The gods which have been dealt with are chiefly those of which actual specimens exist, though many deities whose only known representations are tobe found in papyri or on the walls of tombs and temples are also described, either because of their importance, orbecause it is likely that their statues may at any moment turn up.


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Amentet-an Account of the Gods, Amulets, Scarabs of the Ancient Egyptians