Ritual, and its purpose, is refered to hereafter by those activities triggering awareness of our living relationship with the entity embodied as this planet. We are, as human beings, indigenous to this planet. Ritual serves to enhance our unique placement ... who we are and why we are here. As Global Inhabitants, we are here to participate with the planetary entity in a certain way. At the root, we are feeding off the Earth and it is feeding off of us. As we become more aware of this underlying reality, Planetary Intelligence can be said to be awakening within us. Earth Renewal Rites are those intentional activities serving the specific function of feeding the planetary entity. Human Renewal Rites are those which help us draw power, support and instruction from planetary energies. There is a reciprocal feeding occuring and ritual tunes us into its innate patterns.


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All Rites Reversed - Antero Alli