The clergy have been misrepresenting the devil; slandering the devil; libeling the devil and firing their heavy guns at the devil for over a thousand years; but they are very careful, in all they do, never to hit him, for they know that one effective blow dealt the devil in the right spot would stop all their business, and dry up the fountains of their support. The devil is truly the drive-wheel of theology. Ministers preach and prayand fast, and beg money, and take immense salaries, asGod's especial agents to fight the devil. When they kill the devil there will be no one to tempt Christians—no one to lead astray—no one to sow Infidel or Spiritualistic doubts; in fact, there will be no further use for the church or its clergy. Rest assured, the clergy have seen the point, and hence they, in all their shots at the devil, have aimed to just miss him. This farce of the church and its ministry has, perhaps, caused me to, in places, seem unnecessarily sarcastic.


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All About Devils - Moses Hull