Crowley presented himself as a ‘demonic’ guru, making all kinds of crazy demands on the student (such as go plant cabbages upside-down. This, for him, was part of his ‘job’ as guru.. The guru is not a reasonable person. Only we modern people want to be able to have a reasoned explanation of spiritual truths from our teachers. Maybe in the past, teachers did not speak to their students - they set them tasks. This idea of the ordeal of the demon Crowley was not something peculiar to Crowley. It is rooted in an ancient magical tradition.This tradition stipulates that occult secrets be kept from the uninitiated or unready. Tricking someone into believing is a surprisingly old idea. Even the saintly Buddhists practiced it extensively - (examples of Buddhist smoke andmirrors can be seen in the Science Museum, Oxford).


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Aleister Crowley and The Enchantment of the Wicked Man