IF TO BE RELIGIOUS, in the truest sense of that much misunderstood word, is to thirst for water from reality's fountain, then to walk the spiritual path is to turn your compass toward its ever-flowing well. The organized reli­gions, which have set up camps downstream from that spring, all provide sketchy maps that trace a single trail to the source. The one map illuminating all the tracks leading spiritwards through the diverse terrains of existence is accessible only through the world's sole dogma-free spiritual trekking agency: Aghora. Aghora, which literally means "unagitated," teaches aghoris (its practitioners) to focus and intensify their craving for reality until they learn how to transcend all that galls (the ghora) in life. Then no internal or external stimulus, however ordinarily 'agitating,' will be able to interrupt or interfere with their one-pointed guzzling of the nectar of being.


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Aghora 3 Law of Karma - Robert Svoboda