Tantra is the science of personality. Just as Ayurveda was promulgated by the ancient sages of India as a truly holistic way to maintain the physical body, and just as Ashtanga Yoga is meant to optimize one's spiritual nature, Tantra is a mental science, a meta-psychology, a method for exploring the mind and developing the range of one's perceptions. It is said that the state of undifferentiated unity is the only absolute reality, and that the cosmos possesses only a relative reality because it is not permanent and unchanging. The uni­verse possesses all possible qualities and attributes, and each being within the universe possesses a limited number of qual­ities and attributes. Personality is the self-identification of the ego with a set of attributes. All beings possess egos and there­fore all beings have personalities. The cosmos Herself possesses the ultimate personality, the supreme expression of the totali­ty of manifested existence: the Adishakti, or Adya.


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Aghora 1 The Left hand of God - Robert Svoboda