In this study, I analyze and critique Wimbum tfu beliefs. Tfu is the Wimbum word that comes close to the English term witchcraft, which is used to explain misfortune. In addition to claims that this power can be used for good intentions, its negative uses are a cause for concern, fear, anger, and pain to many families among the Wimbum people. It is alleged that people use tfu to cause sickness and death and to consume another’s flesh in secret meetings. Tfu continues to be a major problem among the Wimbum people. Early in 1999, several people were evicted from their homes and villages. In the town, of Ntumbaw, an alleged victim died in transit from one town to the next. In another town, a woman was forced to take her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and return to her home of origin because she was suspected of practicing tfu. Concern about tfu seems to have been taken to new heights among the Wimbum. Wimbum chiefs met recently and adopted a resolution affirming that they will continue to expel those who practice tfu. In addition, some will be asked to pay fines, which may require an accused individual to give a female member of his or her family to the chief as a wife. Tfu involves all facets of Wimbum life and can be disruptive in many ways.


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