THE present volume is somewhat in the nature of a sequel to " The Riddle of Personality," published six years ago. In that book I reviewed the results of modern psychological research in the realm of the abnormal and the seemingly supernormal, with the special purpose of making  clear their bearings on the problem of the nature and possibilities of man. Having this special purpose in mind, it was inadvisable to attempt  any topical and detailed treatment of the phenomena made the subject of scientific investigation. Such a method of treatment, no matter how it might have added to the interest of the  book, would inevitably have obscured its message to the reader.

Now, however, I have undertaken this very thing, in the hope both of reinforcing the view
of personality set forth in the earlier work, and of contributing something towards a wider knowl-edge of the progress science is making in the naturahzation of the supernatural, to borrow Mr.Frank Podmore's happy phrase. Especially have I tried to bring out the exceedingly practical character of many of the discoveries made by those scientists who, despite the often contemptuous criticism of their colleagues, have valiantly persisted in their adventurings in the psychical. The world has undoubtedly been the gainer, and richly the gainer, by their labors; and it surely is well worth while to survey in some detail the field they have explored and the results of their explorations.

-H. Addington Bruce.


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Adventurings in the Psychical - D H Addington 1914