To advance in any art we must always continue to read, listen, question, practice, and study. Studying Witchcraft is comparable to taking the entire volume of written and oral knowledge, reducing it to sand, and putting it into a huge sifter to see what remains. You’ll also find you may have to go through this process several times. As someone once said to me, “Learning is like taking a drink of water from a fire hose. Sure, you get some water in your mouth, but most of it blows right past you.” Take from this book only what is valuable to you and leave the rest. I have tried to cover advanced Witchcraft as I have experienced it, with the full realization that not all of it will apply to every reader. We all have our own inborn talents. Because of this you may find you want to tear out one chapter and cast it into a tar pit while having the urge to frame another in gold. Think of your advancing in your practice as if you were climbing a huge tree. The higher you climb, the more choices you are presented for exploring different paths, all of which shoot off into dozens of other sub-studies. Some areas may not interest you. Some may be so fascinating that they absorb your entire life. They will cause you to follow what you think are logical sequences of events, and then, to your delight or frustrat