We will take for the subject of our first lesson the Way of Attainment—The Path. And we know of no better method of directing the student’s steps along The Path than to point out to him the unequaled precepts of the little manual “Light on the Path,” written down by “M. C.” (Mabel Collins, an English woman) at the request of some advanced mind (in or out of the flesh) who inspired it. In our notice in the last installment of the “Fourteen Lessons,” we stated that we had in mind a
little work which would perhaps make plainer the precepts of “Light on the Path.” But, upon second thought, we have thought it preferable to make such writing a part of the Advanced Course, instead of preparing it as a separate book for general distribution and sale. In this way we may speak at greater length, and with less reserve, knowing that the students of the course will understand it far better than would the general public. So, the little book will not be published, and the teaching will be given only in these lessons. We will quote from the little manual, precept after precept, following each with a brief explanation.


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Advanced Correspondence Class Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism