Welcome to a year and a day of everyday witchcraft. Why a year and a day instead of 365 days like so many other books? In part because a year and a day is a traditional length of time used in contemporary witchcraft. Sometimes for study, as in those paths that follow a degree system, so that a person would study for a year and day to reach a certain level. Sometimes for a commitment or vow, like a handfasting ritual where the couple chooses to bind themselves for a year and a day, rather than a lifetime. But there is another reason for the extra day in this book, one which you can choose to use or not, as you desire. I hope that by the time you have finished the rest of the book, you will be inspired to start your next year off in magical style, either with the ritual I’ve given you or one you write for yourself. The book is set up to follow an entire year, starting with the first of January, although you can really start with whichever date you happen to pick up the book and circle through from there. And, of course, there is nothing stopping you from simply opening a page at random, if that’s the way you roll. There are no rules here, and no one will look over your shoulder. My main intention is to give you simple ways to connect with your witchy self every day—in short, to enable you to witchify your life in small, easy, educational, and (I hope) fun daily bites.