Angels are real. I had to start out by saying that, although you probably know it already. For thousands of years these divine beings have been making their presence known to those who walk the Earth. In fact, since time began, people in all four corners of the world have believed in divine beings who connect this realm with the next, help people with everyday tasks and challenges, and support souls in crossing over when they’re ready to return to the spirit realm. Aboriginal tribes
 painted them on the walls of caves, depicting them with big light- covered faces, large eyes, and halos of light surrounding their heads. In Japanese Shintoism today there are beings of grace and compassion known as kami, who are said to move through the air “as if they have wings” and to be forces of nature that are able to help those who call on them. There are similar beings in Tibetan Buddhism called bodhisattvas —beings of pure compassion who are dedicated to helping all those who call on them to overcome suffering and be free of their deepest fears. Robert Thurman, Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University in New York, describes bodhisattvas as “the Archangelic beings of Buddhism.”


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