And know, my Child, for a Truth, that in the whole vegetable work there is no higher nor greater Secret than in Saturn; for we do not find that perfection in Gold which is in Saturn; for internally it is good Gold, herein all Philosophers agree, and it wants nothing else, but that first you remove what is superfluous in it, that is, it's impurity, and make it clean, and then that you turn it's inside outwards, which is it's redness, then will it be good Gold; for Gold cannot be made so easily, as you can of Saturn, for Saturn is easily dissolved and congealed, and it's Mercury may be easily extracted, and this Mercury which is extracted from Saturn, being purified and sublimed, as Mercury is usually sublimed, I tell thee, my Child that the same Mercury is as good as the Mercury which is extracted out of Gold, in all operations; for if Saturn be Gold internally as in truth it is, then must it's Mercury be as good as the Mercury of Gold, therefore I tell you that Saturnis better in our work than Gold; for if you should extract the Mercury out of Gold, it would require ayear's space to open the body of Gold, before you can extract the Mercury out of the Gold, and you may extract the Mercury out of Saturn in 14 days, both being alike good.


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A Work Of Saturn 1670 - J I Hollandus