Ghosts and the supernatural have been a part of my existence for as long as I can remember. My attraction to ghosts developed early in life and a psychic once told me that I was born with something unusual in my aura that attracted ghosts to me. Undoubtedly, some people—especially those of the ghost-dreading variety—may perceive this as a kind of curse. However, I have always considered it to be a gift from the gods. As a child, I was intensely drawn to the world of the occult and fascinated greatly by ghost stories (especially those belonging to the category of non fiction), haunted dwellings, communication with the dead, and the ancient legends of vampires and werewolves. I attended my first séance in the late sixties with my cousins Carol and David, along with a couple of teenage girls who lived in the neighborhood. It was held on the pillared half-moon porch of my Grandmother Rose’s old house in Riverside, Illinois, and the spirit we summoned that summer night was none other than that of the assassinated president, Abraham Lincoln. I can still recall the rush of adrenaline that surged through my body as I, along with everyone else who had attended the séance, witnessed the figure of a tall man in black suddenly appear in the middle of the street and begin walking past the house. Oddly, he would take a few paces, vanish, and then reappear about nine or 10 feet ahead of where he had been. He continued to walk, vanish, and then reappear in this strange manner until he reached the end of the street and was no longer in our view. Ghosts and the supernatural have intrigued and terrified mankind since the dawn of history. Some people simply dismiss both as being nothing more than mere superstition or the products of an overactive imagination. However, anyone who has ever witnessed a ghostly manifestation or unexplained supernatural phenomena first-hand knows differently.


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A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural - Gerina Dunwich