While definitions come and go, when I think of a Witch I think of someone whose spirit has a certain quality. Half of that spirit is a zest for life and all things living. The other half asks why there is this zest for life and why there are all things living. So when I think of one who is a Witch, I do not think of one who follows one religion or the next. Instead, I think of someone whose soul gives one no alternative but to love life as well as to identify why it is that we live. A Witch is one who, in determining what is what and who is who, allows his or her Spirit to decide, rather than simply believing what one is told.

Is Witchcraft the worship of Satan? Well, what is Satan? When we consider the word satan, we see that its original meaning was nothing more than ‘to accuse’ or to ‘act as adversary.’ With this understanding of the word satan, the next step in answering the question is obvious: What is it that you are asking if Witches are averse to? If you are asking if Witches are averse to being told what to think, then you probably think you know my answer. Chances are you are wrong. You see, while Witches are definitely averse to being told what to think without being allowed to think for themselves, they do not worship that aversion. Their Spirit is that aversion.


Understanding this book requires that we suspend our instinct to interpret the written word literally. I have drawn on many world sources to structure my belief system. Although the stories on which I have built are themselves sacred, they should not be considered fundamentally true. This is especially true of time periods. Just because the oldest known story of the Great Flood can be found in Sumerian writings of about four thousand years ago does not mean the Great Flood took place four thousand years ago. Just because the story was told by the Sumerians with characters in the Sumerian pantheon does not mean that the story took place within the Sumerian culture. Indeed, that same story has been told by several cultures at several different points in history. So in reading of such matters, ignore entirely any reference to the time iwhich the culture telling the story existed because the time in which the story is told ithat particular culture is not necessarily the time in which the event took place.


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