SEVERAL literary enigmas of great moment have been solved within the last century. The key to the Egyptian hieroglyphics has been obtained The arrow-headed writing of the east has been read ; and
the inscriptions of Persepolis and the Assyrian marbles have been decyphered : and the Phoenician speeches inserted in the play called the Pcenulus, that is, the " Carthaginian" of the old Koman
comedian Plautus, have been shown to be in close affinity with the Gaelic, or modern Irish language.
Celtic inscriptions on ancient moneys, only seem to remain, as supplying much chance of further literary development, which, as far as they can be decyphered, have the appearance of being of high ethnological interest, in illustrating the habits and customs and the political ideas and biasses of the ancient Celts, both in this country and on the continent.


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A Vindication of the Celtic Inscriptions on Gaulish British Coins - B Poste 1862