Great tenderness and circumspection was tendered to men of the highest dignity in Europe, kings and princes, and by all listened unto for a while with good respect. By some gladly embraced and entertained for a long time, the fame whereof being carried unto Rome, it made the Pope to better himself, no knowing what the event of it might be, and how much it might concern him. And indeed, filled all men, learned and unlearned in most places with great wonder and astonishment: all which things will be showed and made good in the contents of this book, by unquestionable records and evidences. And therefore I make no question but there will be men enough found in the world whose curiosity will lead them to read what I think is not to be paralleled in that kind by any book that has been set out in any age to read (from the preface) "What is here presented is a work of darkness.


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A True and Faithful Relation John Dee