From remote Antiquity, and through successive intervals in the higher spheres ofmind, the tradition of an Art has circulated ; but so dark and enigmatical as to evade vulgar apprehension entirely and baffle the most acute. There is doubtless some temerity in making choice of an obsolete subject, and circumstances have conspired to render Alchemy above every other liable to mistrust ; the transmutation of metallic species has seemed impossible, and the pretensions of this science in general are at variance with inductive probability and observed fact.


But many things have in like manner been considered impossible which increasing knowledge has proved true, and others which still to common sense appear fictitious were believed in former times, when faith was more enlightened and the sphere of vision open to surpassing effects. Daily observation even now warns us against setting limits to nature .


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A Suggestive Inquiry Into The Hermetic Mystery and Alchemy 1850