Eight years ago I sliced/terminated/ended/killed my connection to cable television. People thought I was nuts. My mother offered to help me get cable turned back on. My sister would have put me in therapy if she could afford it. But I... I suddenly had all this FREE time! What to do? What to do? I learned how to bake bread the old fashioned way. I made my first handsewn quilt. I read book after book and learned about astronomy, quantum physics, Victorian England, hollow Earth, keeping my kitties healthy, and so on. I guess this all leads back to what I was typing in earlier. You got to get up and do things. Try things out. Life passes by so quickly and when you look back you will want to see your accomplishments and not reruns of the fake make-believe world called television. I am now officially cleaning off my hard drive. Below is an article I wrote about 2 or 3 years ago. Idon’t think it ever went on the internet but instead got shuffled into my Misc-Writ file.The Circle - The circle is an extremely versatile symbol. It is a symbol of wholeness, of binding, protection, completion, and the never-ending. To place two names within a circle is to bind those two people, to enclose them into the wholeness of the eternal circle. To bring about self-love, write your own name, in red ink or paint, and then surround it with a pink circle. As you write your name in red (energy), think of yourself, what you love about yourself, your good and strong points. Think about your negative points, the things you do not like about yourself. Now, draw the pink circle around your name. The pink is for gentle love. You are now surrounding yourself with love and acceptance of your whole being. Feel it enclosing you as you complete the circle.


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A Sporadic Journal of Activities - Spells and Words - Eliza Fegley