Yet it was strange that the girl should be attractive to a man of his limitations, since her alluring qualities were not aggressively apparent. A delicate oval face, exquisitely moulded, with a transparent colourless skin, and mystical eyes of larkspur blue, were scarcely what his bluntperceptions approved of as absolute beauty. Slim and dainty and fragile in shape and stature, her unusual looks suggested a cloistered nun given to visions or some peaked elfin creature of moonlight and mist. She might have been akin to the fairies she spoke about, and even in the strong
daylight she was a creature of dreams ethereal and evanescent. Hardwick was much too phlegmatic a man to analyse shadows. A Celt would have comprehended the hidden charm which drew him on;
the Saxon could only wonder what there was in the girl to impress him. " You are not my ideal of beauty, you know. Miss Enistor," he said in such a puzzled way as to rob the speech of premeditated rudeness ; " yet there is something about you which makes me adore you !"The girl flushed and shrugged her shoulders again. " What a flamboyant word is ' adored ' !"


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