IF the Islands of Aran had formed aportion of the Hebrides or Orkneys, or stood in view of any part of the British coast, they would, long since, have been made the theme of the statistic and sentimental tourist ; but, though abounding with many particulars, valuable to the Antiquary, Historian and Philosopher, they have been hitherto neglected, in common with other interesting districts of Ireland. The reader will, however, see that the topography of these Islands deserved far better attention. To this species of inquiry the Scots have been particularly attentive. What minute descriptions have we not had of all their isles, even to the naked rock The dreary and almost inaccessible St. Kilda, scarce three miles long, has been twice described in print ; first by
Martin ; next by Macaulay. In a word, the most insignificant spot has been carefully surveyed.


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A Sketch of the History - Antiquities of the Southern Islands of Aran