A sampling of topics covered by Bolton’s more than 300 monographs, journal articles and addresses shows the breadth of his interests: action of light on uranium, counting-out rhymes for children, Russian transliteration, Chinese alchemy, glaciers, the early medical practice of women, microscopic crystals found in the vertebrae of toads, Bolton family genealogy, humor in chemistry, index to the literature of uranium, fortune telling, Hawaiian pastimes, evolution of the thermometer, divination with mirrors, physics and faith, language used in talking to domesticated animals, and musical notes emitted by certain beach sands when stepped on. His collection of 600 early books on alchemy and chemistry was one of the finest of its kind at the time. It seems that he was equally at home in all subjects. This title remains a standard work to this day.


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A Select Bibliography of Chemistry 1492-1892 - H. C. Bolton 1893