Could the purpose of this book be to disseminate our unique wisdom to a larger audience? Am I evangelizing to gain converts? Nope. Our only truth is so simple that most people have probably already guessed it all a long time ago, and then gone on with their lives. Most of the readers, after reading these texts, will probably realize that the RDNA is not trying to make more Reformed Druids (there are already too many to keep track of!), but to make people into better Christians, Neo Pagans, Taoists, Buddhists, Atheists or Whatevers! Reformed Druidism is not in the business of finding recruits, rather, we are merely helping those who have joined us anyway. When and where they choose to go after a short stay with us is up to them. We are not seeking converts.

To those who are reading this book to learn about Reformed Druidism I give a warning and some advice. Firstly, druid communications must be taken with a large dose of salt. As a class, we druids tend to discuss trivial matters seriously and serious things jokingly. Often the difference between a serious belie fand a joke is obscure, even to the writer. (I’ve maintained that many serious things are jokes, and jokes can be very serious, indeed.) A good sense of humor is essential to understanding the context of druidism.


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A Reformed Druid Anthology Illustrated 483 pgs