When Mr. O. came in, after answering a few questions, he said that if we had any questions on what he had said last time, we must ask them then, as he would not come back to the subject again; we would have other things to talk about later. During the meeting he would go over what he had said. After a certain number more questions, he said that when speaking of 'I', it was necessary to realize that, in Special Doctrine, 'I' could be spoken of in five ways, on five different levels. Man, in his ordinary state, is a multiplicity of 'I's. This is the firstmeaning. On the diagram this is indicated by the square of 'I's. When he decides to start work, an observing 'I' appears. This is shown shaded in on the diagram. This is the second meaning. The next meaning, indicated by the smallest circle, is where deputy-steward appears who has control over a number of 'I's. The fourth meaning, indicated by the middle circle, is where steward appears; he has control over all 'I's. The fifth meaning is that of master. He is drawn as a big circle outside, as he has time-body; he knows the past and also the future, although there must be degrees of this.It was interesting to connect this diagram with that of the 'carriage',' horse', 'driver' and 'master'.


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A Record of Some of the Meetings Held Between 1930 and 1947 - PD Ouspensky