I sat on the floor of my cookie-cutter rental townhouse in a suburb of Baltimore surrounded by flat-white painted drywall and generic beige carpet. Around me on the floor were scattered a cheap gray and green plastic compass, a blue protractor, a mechanical pencil, and sketch books covered in

arcane symbols, half-drawn seals, and notes on magical circles. Within reach were a box of raisins, some dates, a coil of Cedar Grass, and a packet of incense that claimed to include lignum aloes, but smelled suspiciously of sandalwood. A brass pot wasn't too far away, the eventual home of the
ingredients I had gathered. It sat on a carefully printed out enlarged picture of the Triangle of Art from the Goetia. It was my first Goetic operation of note. Honestly, it was technically my third
attempt at magic from the Lemegeton's Goetia, but the first two don't count. The first was an attempt to get a house, performed loosely using "Chaos Magic Techniques." After performing the rite and telling the demon to return in a month to report on its progress, I banished all thought of the Work to avoid the dreaded "lust for results" I was so concernedabout....


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