Afefe Ogo says " ... true magical energy is derived from the individual witch's creative process and their connection with those forces that they have developed relationships with" and in Kindoki the reader will learn to wield potent methods that indeed foster such a connection with those 'forces' that have helped Magicians / Sorcerers /Witches / Shaman apply their magical energies for thousands of years. here is very little that has been written on the subject of authentic African witchcraft, as the essence of true witchcraft cannot be codified or transmitted in a wholly rational manner. Witchcraft or brujeria as it is understood by African and Latino based cultures around the world, is not synonymous with religion or mysticism in the conventional sense. Witchcraft is also generally considered to be a part of life and everyday existence for millions around the planet. This book is not about Wicca, and I do not intend to explore anything related to that modem religion. I am of the opinion that Wicca is a very recent manifestation based almost wholly on pieced together pagan/Christian ideologies, and filtered through modem expectations of what a nature based religion should be.


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A Manual of African Witchcraft and Brujeria - Afefe Ogo