Numerology is the spiritual and practical study of the numbers in your birthday, the letters in your name, and the vibration and power of which they are the expression in the world. Numerologists see everything in existence as a spectrum of vibration, and use their knowledge to help you make sense of and adjust to your inner and outer journey. The reason you’re sitting with this book in your hands is that I changed my name in 2014. I have always had a tendency to be bold in my choices, and was beyond frustrated by the direction my life was headed. I decided to try something the impact of which my rational brain was having a hard time grasping: changing my name with the help of numerology. Luckily, this choice paid off in ways I could never have imagined and transformed my life on all levels. It led me to the study of numerology and to becoming a professional numerologist. It opened me up to true love, abundance, moving across the globe, and the pull to share this ancient wisdom with people throughout the world. In this book you’ll get a crash course in the nine base numbers that are the foundation you’ll need before you move on to the more advanced concepts like name vibrations, numeroscopes, and how to use this new understanding to navigate the world and better support the people around you.


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