We all have intuition, whether or not we are conscious of it. When I wake up in the morning and reach for my alarm clock every day, I don’t marvel that I have a hand that knows how to press the snooze button —but I am aware on an instinctive level that I have a hand and that it’s intact and serves me. Intuition is like this too. You know more than you realize. It is more than just instinct. It operates in the background of the mind. There are so many small decisions you make every day, all day, based on information you are sensing but don’t necessarily make conscious. If you want to go out to eat and are walking along the street contemplating which place is best, you are most likely getting a vibe of each possible option. You know on some level if the restaurant feels warm, clean, welcoming, or smells good. You can walk in and sense how the experience of eating there will be. When you aren’t aware of what you are sensing in the environment, intuition is still operating on the subconscious level. Often people will just say they “aren’t feeling it,” or they are getting a good or bad vibe from a place or person, and they leave it at that without going into why. When you make the “why” conscious, you are accessing the subtle realm of intuition.


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