Perhaps fairies and their ways have long been told of by quaint people in the days of old—or so it’s thought to be. Many may have regarded such tales to be superstitious fancies, but to those who experience the phenomenon, fairies are very real and natural parts of our existence. There is a heartfelt way of living that recognizes that everything and everyone is interconnected, therefore whatever occurs on any given day holds true meaning, whether symbolic or literal. This meaning is the profound sense that we are not alone in our struggle to survive. Nature and uncanny events are familiar and common, in fact. Living with a sense of innate oneness proves time and again that there are unseen helpers permeating our natural world, urging all of life to thrive. And this is where a mysterious, mostly unseen fairy realm merges with our practical, physical world. Though fairy stories have been passed down for centuries, such spiritual entities among us are experienced anew. Every person with an inclination to acquaint him or herself with wee folk find that those aren’t just silly tales once told, they’re accounts of ways in which spiritual beings reveal themselves to us. And with general knowledge of the variety of fairies and their habits and traits comes the opportunity to claim them as on