The increasing demands of the Masonic public for the Lexicon having determined the publishers to issue a fourteenth edition, they have submitted the work to the revision of the author, who has carefully corrected the errors of former editions, made those alterations in the text which have been found necessary to conform to the progress of the Order since the first publication, and added many new articles. These will, it is hoped, augment its claims to that popularity which it has already received in no stinted measure from the Craft. The title page of this work will sufficiently explain the nature of its contents. It is intended to furnish the inquirer, by an easy mode of reference, with a definition of all the terms peculiar to our order-—an explanation of the symbols with which it abounds—a record of its numerou shistories and traditions—and an illustration of the various points of difficulty which are continually embarassing to the Masonic student.


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A Lexicon Of Freemasonry - A G Mackey 1872