It befell on a time, at the Feast of Pentecost, that Arthur, king of England, according to his custom on
that holy day, would not sit at meat until he had witnessed some marvel. By late afternoon he was waiting still. Then Sir Kaye came to him and said: "Sir, here are strange adventures coming. I espied but now, as I looked out over the country, a dwarf, richly clad, riding on horseback; and attending him a tall young man, seeming of noble blood by his bearing, but in poor attire. So to your meat, sire, for surely, methinks, there be some matter toward." So the king went to meat, and with him many otherkings, and noble knights, and fair ladies. And afterwards, there came into the hall the two men, even as Sir Kaye had described them. "God you bless, and all your fair fellowship," cried the dwarf, bowing low before the dais whereon sat the king and his queen, Guenever. "I am come hither to pray you to give me three gifts, King Arthur."


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A Lady of King Arthurs Court